Monday, July 26, 2010

Getting Around Veggie Trader

We’re often asked by people ready to post listings on Veggie Trader, which section or sections of the listings should be used for their postings: “I just picked up some new garden tools. Where should I post my old ones for sale?” We also hear from people who’d like to know what they can find on Veggie Trader before they join. So here’s a quick look at the different sections of the Veggie Trader listings and their uses.

The Veggies, Fruits, Herbs, and Nuts sections are for listing your extra produce. Just choose the appropriate category!

Seeds, Plants, and Starts is the section for sharing, swapping, or selling your extra either edible or non-edible seeds, plants, and starts.

The Wanted section is where you can let people in your area know what you are looking for. This is a great section to use if there are currently no listings in your area or if you don’t have a garden but are looking for local produce.

Got something else you think might be of interest to the Veggie Trader community? The Services, Supplies & Miscellaneous section is where you can post garden tools and supplies, services, and other garden-related items or goodies you’d like to offer to the community. Keep it pertinent!

Specialize in roses instead of tomatoes? The Flowers, Bulbs, and Decoratives section is for your fresh-cut flowers, bulbs or home-made decoratives such as wreaths.

The Neighborhood Resources section is a directory of community events, courses, and other gardening activities powered by you. This is also a great section to let people in your area know if you are interested in yardsharing or coordinated gardening.

The CSAs, Farms and Farmers Markets section is a directory of CSAs, local farms, and farmers markets. Are you a local farmer? Let people in your area know about your farm. Or do you operate or have a favorite farmers market in your area? Share it with the community here.

Finally, the Donate Your Extra section is where you can list and find food pantries and organizations near you in need of excess produce.


Chiot's Run said...

Very interesting idea, love it. Hopefully it takes off, this would be a very helpful resource for us edible gardeners who excel at growing one thing but can't grow other things.

Dogwood trees Tennessee said...

WOW! Interesting idea and very helpful..
Thanks for sharing..