Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dear Mom, Now You Can Swap Your Roses On Veggie Trader

A few people (including our moms) have lamented to us that they'd like to trade flowers, bulbs, and decorative items on Veggie Trader. Why not?! So with this in mind, and looking forward to spring, we've added a new section to our listings where you can find or offer fresh cut flowers, bulbs, or homegrown decorative items like wreaths and garlands.

We hope that Veggie Trader members will find this new section useful.  Since this is a new section, we'd love to hear from all you people who grow flowers on ways to improve it.


Anonymous said...

I know this sounds unusual, but I was thinking about "Stephanie's" post, "Dear Mom, Now You Can Swap Your Roses on Veggie Trader."

In these economic times, many of us have had deaths in the family or amongst friends near and far. It's good to give to one's favorite charity or the one of the deceased family's wishes. This is good being in that situation many times. Still I like to know that people came together to send flowers including a planting in a basket to keep and grow or the beautiful vases that's meant to be kept as a reminder of the loved one.

There are so many of us over the years that had to leave our birth states for school, jobs, military, health issues, or to get away from the cold weather as a few examples.

If only there was a way to get together locally or somehow out of state to have someone who grows flowers and is somewhjat artsy crafty to put together funeral flowers. They ARE so expensive even using a coupon or coupon code. Many shops don't really show the true size looking much larger than they are with measurements not listed or improper measuring.

Flowers can also be used in baby showers, house warmings, welcome new neighbor, birthdays, maybe weddings, get well, hospitals, lumcheons, etc. where flowers are that extra touch.

Perhaps 2 or more in a community can grow and/or with knowledge on how to make flower arrangements
could save the consumer money while they earn something for their work. One never knows when people offer this service, it could be where you once lived or locally. The purchaser can maybe drive there to pick it up to deliver to where it's to go. Or the person wanting the service not close by can add gas money of $5 within a close driving ranging; it's usually 47 centes a mile, but charge that minimum for closeby miles, then add 47 cents a mile over 3-5 miles.

Any comments on this?

Stephanie said...

Hi, Thanks for your comment. We had a "flowers" category in Veggie Trader when we launched last year, but over the winter we renamed the category to "Flowers, Bulbs, and Decoratives". Anybody can list any relevant items here. For example fresh cut flowers, flower plants, bulbs, or even homemade decoratives such as wreaths, garlands, potpouri - anything from your yard or garden.

I got the idea when a man came to my door asking to cut a few thin supple branches off my cherry tree in the front yard. It was winter and he was collecting good branches in order to weave them into wreathes which he and his wife sell. I am a crafty, enterprising person myself and I could totally see the value of having a decoratives category on the site. So we updated the category in time for Valentines Day.

Now anybody, anywhere can offer their flowers, tree cuttings, heck even gourds and pumpkins on Veggie Trader. Even businesses like florists can list on Veggie Trader. I really hope this feature catches on so please spread the word. - Stephanie