Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Mom Blog

A recent retiree and close friend of Veggie Trader (ok, one of our moms) shared with us this week her story of growing her own food for the first time. A self-described city girl, she detailed for us her gardening successes and failures. Among the failures were corn that didn’t produce enough (and was stolen by someone or something--furry bandits? aliens?) and Swiss chard which succumbed to the relentless attack of leaf miners (insects). But her successes included abundant zucchini, huge heirloom tomatoes, sweet acorn squash, and small but delicious cantaloupe. All told, she grew a good amount of her food in a very small yard. It was a learning experience, and she's already planning her winter garden. Her biggest revelation? Growing pumpkins is fun but they take up a lot of space.


Anonymous said...

so cool...and inspiring!!

Stephanie said...

I started growing my own food for the first time this year. One huge lesson I learned, plant those tomato seedlings in LARGE containers. The 4 inchers just don't cut it! The herb garden was well worth the effort (even if you don't eat all the herbs) it looks & smells great. A great first time experience but I wish we didn't have such a rainy/cold summer on the east coast.