Friday, July 31, 2009

Spread the Word!

Veggie Trader just passed its four month birthday. Hurray! If the site were a baby, it wouldn’t even be crawling yet—just starting to blink out at the world. We wrote a similar post to this back in March when we launched the site, but feel it’s worth repeating that Veggie Trader is young and growing. Already we’ve seen that as time passes the site gets bigger and busier—nearly 6,000 people have become members so far—and we’re looking forward to the next few months and beyond!

Swap your homegrown produce on Veggie Trader

We’ve heard lots of good things from many people who like the site, and we’ve received a number of requests for fliers and other materials to help spread the word. If you think Veggie Trader is a great idea and would like to see it grow and become a useful resource in your area, we’ve just launched a revamped Spread the Word page, complete with many sizes of web banners as well as various printable fliers you can use.

We’re working hard to get the news out too. The site has been mentioned in dozens and dozens of newspapers and blogs, from the Washington Post’s food blog to the front page of the New York Times’ Dining section. The site has also made multiple appearances on TV and radio. Response has been tremendous and positive. Tens of thousands of people have visited Veggie Trader, hundreds of listings have been posted, and we’ve heard stories of many people all across the country making successful connections.

So please help us spread the word if you can, and don’t be discouraged if you visit the site and there are few listings in your area. Try posting a listing yourself and see what happens! Give it time. Remember, Veggie Trader is just getting started!


Anonymous said...

will do!

Holly said...

Love this site! We will tell all the Dinner Garden Gardeners where to find you!