Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Container Garden Update

About two weeks back we planted some basil as an addition to our container garden. It sprouted up right on cue last week. Basil is one of our favorite things to plant each summer, as homemade pesto has become a tradition in our household the past few years. We also like planting basil because our lovebird is seriously addicted to the dried out stems left over at the end of the season. He goes absolutely crazy when offered a stem as a treat, snapping up the seeds so fast you need to watch your fingers. He smells just delicious after eating them too, though we don't find them particularly attractive ourselves:

Our pepper and cherry tomato plants seem to have adapted well to the outdoors after transplanting. So far they look good and are growing nicely. This is much more than can be said for our peas however. A few weeks back we noted they developed browning leaves, and despite our best efforts to keep them healthy they just struggled. No idea why. We did manage a very meager harvest though, just enough to satisfy the bird for a while. Oh well... We'll try growing them again this fall and hope for better luck...

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Loretta said...

Hey, your peas are prolly not doing well because peas are a cool season crop, not meant for warm weather!

: )