Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Great Gardening Craze of '09

The sun’s been out for much of the past couple weeks, and so we’ve been spending a lot of time biking around town. One thing that’s great about biking is the time it gives you to really take in the scenery you might otherwise rush past while driving a car. Among other things, it's led us to notice there’s A LOT of vegetable gardening going on. People are literally ripping out patches and stretches of lawn and installing vegetable gardens. It’s kind of amazing. We've seen all kinds of people out gardening, from retirees, to children with their parents, to college students working the decks of their apartments. We've even seen numerous gardens springing up in the median strip between sidewalk and road.

It’s really a crazy thing to watch. Times are changing!

Is this your first year gardening? If so, share your story!


The Cooking Lady said...

This is my first real year starting a garden and boy will I do things differently next year. But I am learning so much. I do not see this year as a failure, but as a learning experience.

Stephanie said...

I also saw tons of veggie gardens all over North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia on my long Memorial holiday week. I don't know if this is just a trend for '09 or if these folks have been already been gardening for a while. But, when I got back to Baltimore, my new neighbors were putting in some new raised beds!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Southern California and found you two and through a news article ( This inspires me; my parents were avid gardeners when I was younger but more recently I noticed that they dedicated a large section of their backyard for more veggies. We have always had tons of fruit: grapefruit, kumquats, guavas, and some others. We had some spring rolls for dinner and the lettuce was freshly cut from the garden. I'm glad to see the upside and resourcefulness of the recession. Keep up the good work!