Friday, April 17, 2009

Success Stories?

We’re seeing more and more listings everyday and know of at least two happy connections made so far through Veggie Trader. One person in the LA area posted a listing and now has a waiting list for his fruit!

If you have used the site to make a successful swap, sale, or purchase, we’d love to hear from you and learn about your experience. Please contact us and tell us how using Veggie Trader worked for you!


Mike Levin said...

Hi from Gainesville, FL! We learned about Veggie Trader today. I signed up as user "zoobird". We have a community garden here. It's the buzz today - we're all talking about Vegie Trader. I posted my grapefruit. We're talking abut it on Zoobird, a "dangerously organic" community. Love you to visit: the concept of Veggie Trader and the website is colorful, nice and simple. Well done!

Best from the Swamp,

Mike Levin

mac70 said...

great site,i'm suprised there is'nt more people from central fl.