Friday, March 6, 2009

Moms (Parents) Need To Show Their Kids The Entire Food Process

There's a great article on The Daily Beast:

Mothers, Daughters, Food
For decades moms were told to shut up about about their daughters' weight. But Lee Aitken says in our toxic food culture, it's ok—indeed essential—to care about, and discuss, what they eat.

I think some people are realizing that there's a lot more to food than just what they eat. Growing up I was made aware of the entire food process, not just the eating part. My parents made sure I participated in planning, shopping, and cooking meals, even at a very young age. Then, every dinner our family sat down together and we were (gasp) made to have a conversation.

As I stand here on the verge of turning forty, I am still often mistaken for being in my (early) twenties. I credit my good health to a positive, holistic attitude towards the entire food process. If you're reading this blog, don't just be a food spectator, get in the game! It's much more fun, and better for you, to become a food participant.

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