Friday, March 20, 2009

Gardener in Chief

Apparently, we now have a Gardener in Chief. Yes, after an intense citizen-led lobbying effort, the announcement came down today that the White House will soon have it's own vegetable garden. Michelle Obama and a group of Washington area students broke ground on the garden this afternoon.

Now while I fully support and applaud this effort, it begs a few important questions:

1) What veggie will prove to be the First Vegetable?

2) And what vegetable might turn out to be this President's least favorite. We know George H. W. Bush famously hated broccoli. And of course, his VP Dan Quayle had a weird thing for potatoes...

3) What exactly is the President's position on the tomato issue? Fruit or vegetable?

4) Will digging around in the White House lawn yield any interesting political dirt?

5) Will the Obama girls filibuster eating their veggies?

And finally:

6) Will the as-yet-to-be-chosen First Dog be allowed anywhere near the garden?

Please feel free to offer your own horrible puns now...

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Rob your wit and charm keep me laughing. MKS in SF